Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Gmail for mobile is so bad

Because access to your product is just as, if not more important than the product itself.

To get to Gmail on my LG phone I first I discovered via my computer browser (here) that I must go to So far this was alright, except that this is an entirely new concept to Google. Until recently their mobile URL was

After navigating to I select Gmail from the menu and boom! I am supposed to be there, right? Well, no, actually. Instead I get to a page with some confusing messaging:

The 1st message is a link that reads "Visit Now". And if I click on that link I get to the Gmail login page.

So my question is WHY not just take me there in the first place?!

The 2nd message is "The Gmail application does not work on your phone, however you can access Gmail on the go by using the web version." Hmm...

a) Then why show me the "visit now" link?
b) Then how come the "visit now" link does work for me?
c) If the mobile version does not work, then why would the web version work on my phone?
e) Why not just take me to whatever version works in the first place?!

In short I should be able to access Gmail in two simple ways:

1. By going to and selecting Gmail. That is all. Redirection works well on mobile browsers too.

2. By navigating directly to The Web site should not give out the URL like it does now. It is simply too long to type into a small mobile device.

It's all quite simple, isn't it?


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