Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I want "Allstreaming" for my mobile

I just returned from VLAB's "Lifestreaming: The Real-time Web" event at Stanford. As usual, I have tried to conceptualize how such a significant Web 2.0 trend can transpire into mobile.

In mobile, where time and space are hot commodities, the ability to give users access to as much relevant content as possible, and as efficiently as possible poses a significant challenge.

However, the assumption that life-streams as we know them today are the key to this problem is as far stretched as the notion that that is the only way in which users want to consume content even on the Web. According to Bret Taylor the "your friends are your filter" concept is one of the foundations for FriendFeed. And that might work fine for an application whose sole purpose is to aggregate feeds from what one's friends are saying. In fact, this applies to all companies represented at the VLAB event tonight (Pownce and Seesmic were there too). But while one's friends' life activity may be entertaining for bits at a time, the majority of the media we consume still falls outside of this realm.

So what ever happened to the not so old, but almost unheard of today trend: the RSS feed? - (Mobile Bloglines being my personal fave). Could this trends possibly coexist with "lifestreaming", thus bringing users a more complete experience? This could be particularly interesting in mobile for all the reasons I keep mentioning. So I hope someone is looking into it.

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