Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Web on the palm of your hands… really

I asked Nitin Bhandari, CEO of Skyfire, how he had come up with “the idea”. His candid response was first that he and his co-founder had no previous experience in mobile. The he added that they had simply refused to conform to the way the traditional players in mobile have dictated how the end user experience should be for browsing the Web on a phone.

This is the kind of attitude that is often times most lacking in the mobile industry, unfortunately; the kind of attitude that results in approaching problems from a completely different angle.

The result is an amazing Internet browsing experience from your mobile. The kind of experience you could only expect on your PC until now.

Why? Most traditional mobile browsers are limited to HTML or xHTML. Skyfire, on the other hand, supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Ajax, and Java.

How? Skyfire is more than just a browser. Unlike traditional browsers, Skyfire is a client/server solution. This allows for optimization of the content before it reaches the device.

I was lucky enough to get a live demo (I am also on the Beta 2 waiting list apparently). If some of you folks haven’t yet had the experience, check this demo out:

It is no surprise to me then that Sky Fire announced closing their series B round of funding last week.

Oh, and did I mention this A team is looking for A team players? If interested please visit their website or shoot me a note.

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  1. Thanks for the great post, Lilia.

    It was great to meet you the other day and get your feedback on the product.