Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can Drive for Twitter

I was thinking about organizing a Twitter boycott boycott. But at the advice of a certain blog whose name will go unmentioned, I decided we all need to get together and help Twitter out.

I give all you Twitter true loyals who think twit-out is simply not going to cut it the opportunity to do your part. So get in there!

On a serious note to all folks out there crazy enough to suggest Twitter needs our money (or our tough love) remember who they're backed by and who its founders are.

As for me, tomorrow I will be twittering like it is going out of style.


  1. I appreciate reading a positive Twitter post :)

    When the Twitter founders were starting Blogger and their servers were down, they reached out to the community for money for more servers so service improved. Blogger seems pretty reliable these days.

    I haven't seen them say anything about needing more money. They know their way around the block and if they can't get more funding on their own, that's a whole other problem. Donating money to Twitter isn't the right approach.

    However, we can leave a kind word for Biz/Jack/Ev, as money or not, they are still human beings who I'm sure are even more frustrated than any one of us could be. We can also write and comment on posts like this, which diffuse some of the negative energies. (I have a new post on the topic at http://www.ohtwitter.com/blog)

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  3. (oops - accidentally delted my response to Marina. Here it is again)

    Marina: I agree with you about Biz/Jack/Ev and the rest of the Twitter team knowing their way around. I have a lot of respect for them. That is why I am not sure they need (or even would appreciate) sympathy from the community. I would say it is a bit condescending even, don't you think?

    Scalability is a problem that is difficult for most tech companies to overcome. What Twitter is experiencing is the result of its immense success. It is a solvable issue and the Twitter folks will resolve it.

    Also Twitter has a very strong and widespread following. Those who are vocal about Twitter's downtime are just a small proportion of its user base. And yes, the media has been paying attention because it is trying to appeal to those very vocal disgruntled users.

    So I say that the best way to support Twitter is continue to use their service.