Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Text May Become the New Voicemail... Someday

I am currently test driving some of the new messaging applications that are out there. CallWave Mobile turns your voice messages into text and delives them to your phone in the form of an SMS message, and to your email. It also lets you check your voicemail from your desktop via the Web. I have found the value proposition of the application to be very enticing: it keeps me from having to dial my voicemail, entering my passoword and listening to voicemails one by one. Two minor flaws I found though: 1) Voice to Text conversion is far from perfect (surprise, surprise), so many times the text SMS or emails are unintelligible so I have to check the voicemail anyway, and 2) the voice messages do not get stored in my carrier provided voice mail, which I am very used to checking. Instead, in order to check my voice messages from my phone, I have to call CallWave's voice message number - only a matter of adding the number to my speed dial, yes, but still not quite perfect.

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