Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Defective Phone

Scene 1: I wake up to my Motorola Q displaying nothing but a blank screen. The phone cannot turn on or off.

Scene 2: I spend 1/2 hour with my carrier's technical support. We manage to get the phone on Flash Mode. The agent instructs me to install Wireless Sync on my PC, and then download the SW Upgrade application from Motorola and also install it on my PC. I hang up... so far so good

Scene 3: I spend 1 hour trying to get my PC to recognize my Phone through the USB cable. I unistall/reinstall Wireless Sync twice. I give up and call tech support again.

Scene 4: Tech support can't help. They say the phone has to be completely on for Wireless Sync to detect it (duh)... They transfer me to Motorola tech support.

Scene 5: Agent asks me to replace the battery - the PC all of a sudden recognizes the phone! Begin flashing process... It stalls once... twice... three times... I finally ask the agent, what is the contingency plan here? He responds: "Uninstall Wireless Syn and SW Upgrade application; download them again and reinstall them... and IF that doesn't work... then it means YOUR PHONE IS DEFECTIVE"... hmm...

I'd like to add that I absolutely love the Q and that my overall experience with tech support wasn't all that bad. They were very nice, patient, and genuinely tried to help me. At the end of the day, I did as they agent said and for some miraculous act of who knows what, I was able to reflash my phone.

By the way, what do you think about the Motorola Q ?:

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